Osvaldo Supino has been churning out pop songs for over a decade. Fair play to the Italian singer for achieving such a milestone of longevity in his career and sticking with his passion for music. It isn’t easy to keep the creative juices flowing and coming up with new ideas to explore. Osvaldo never wavers, he keeps producing new tracks out of the bag. The chap seems to be quite inexhaustible, in this respect. This is not to say each and every one of his numerous releases has hit the mark with us. There have been definite highlights, like “I Have A Name” and “Stop The Rain.” Current single “How Do We Know?” can be counted among the highs as well.

How Do We Know?” was first recorded and released in Spanish. This latin marketed edition of the song is known as “Como Saber?” and held a respected chart position, reaching #7 in Spain. To give the song a worldwide appeal. The English version has now been released, with every intention, it will reap, even, greater success for the singer.

Had Osvaldo given me something other than his usual dance-pop flavours on this new track I probably wouldn’t be able to appreciate it as warmly, as I am doing at this precise moment. Sure it sounds like everything I’d expect an Osvaldo Supino song to sound like. Neon glowing beats designed to find their way into the club atmosphere. However, I am noticing a more sincere tone making its way into the song lyrics. It feels nice, believable and relatable. By being brave, sharing his feelings in this song, the connection we make to what is going on here is that much stronger.

One other thing Osvaldo does as standard and which I can comfortably predict of the singer, he continues to hold together a dance routine very well. In the video, in between watching him searching for a special someone, we DO get our customary dose of dance action. I hope he continues to build on this trend when bringing ideas to life. Remains mindful there is a tipping point musician’s, singers etc, should avoid, by throwing everything in. I particularly applaud Osvaldo on this release. He is letting the world see he has learned to reign back a little.

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