Considering the speed at which Osvaldo Supino is putting out his new tracks these days. I did not find it unusual when I discovered a press release announcing a new pride song by a Milan-based independent singer-songwriter hidden away in the submissions pile. (That has grown since I returned from Europe over the summer.) Similarly, if anyone was going to share an anthem for pride, one from Osvaldo Supino was likeliest an obvious choice.

During pride month it is typical. There are a number of tracks recognised for their uplifting and empowering nature. Of course, Osvaldo should put out a celebration song that at the same time contains an important message and becomes a real hymn to tolerance, respect and love for oneself. This song is “Gold“. “It goes beyond any flag color, beyond any genre, but directed at the essence and beauty of each of us.” – says Osvaldo, further adding

“Sometimes it is precisely what has hurt us so deeply and how we get up to make us understand how important we are. For ourselves, how strong we are despite everything, how “golden” we really are.”

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His intention with the song is to go beyond promoting only feel-good vibes. There is plenty of such like happening in the rousing melody of the track. Using splashes of colour and gold embellishments, of course. The music video, produced together with the Caravians, highlights diversity and uniqueness. There may be countless tracks written over the years that are called ‘gold,’ but the one by Osvaldo wasn’t mere luck on his part. The anthem bears the hallmarks of classic dance-pop. This is a song that is suitable for any occasion The club, the beach, a birthday party, or even at a grandparent’s wedding anniversary celebrations. A song with multi-purposes is always good to have. As “Gold” suits many occasions, Osvaldo can expect to perform it from here until eternity.

More reasons to celebrate. VEVO has also selected Osvaldo’s song “Gold” for its Pride Vevo 2022 campaign.

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