Osvaldo Supino 1

In a slow progression over the release of his past few albums, Osvaldo Supino has gradually been digging deeper into maturer life issues and reflective subject matter which has gone some way into reinventing the sometimes outlandish Italian singer as a creditable and commendably deserving pop force to be reckoned with.

We have noticed this steady change develop in Osvaldo since his emotionally charged pop anthem “I Have A Name” delivered to us a couple of years ago now.

Full steam ahead to the here and now with the heads-up going to “Stop The Rain” the introductory single to “Behind The Curtain” a new album collection that arrives worldwide at the end of the month.

The album title suggests that we might be in for even more soul-searching from Osvaldo this turn around and opting for a heartfelt piano ballad as the lead single only goes someway to add fuel to this thought.

In actuality “Stop The Rain” is an earnestly optimistic rousing pop ballad that has quite a lot going for it in the overall presentation of it’s emotive vocals, billowing melody and life affirming context. (i.e. it is probably amongst one of Osvaldo’s strongest and best releases of recent times).