The Milan based independent singer-songwriter Osvaldo Supino is putting out the best music of his well-established career. How is this possible that Osvaldo has given us three perfect pop tracks one after another? His recent releases have been straight-up, fire, and I like it. In his new music, I notice he uses a dance-pop sound more and more. However, the vocals and lyrics that are kicked up a notch are the details about “Body Burning,” which I find more satisfying, above all else.

The song definitely taps into a sexy sound, but is it really?

On the song…

“I’m talking about the return to life, to dream again, and to fully enjoy what we are entitled to” Osvaldo declares. “Music and dance for me are oxygen, and this is the reason why I am here with this new project,” he further explains.

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I have listened to “Body Burning” numerous times now, and with each new listen, I am picking up more and more Years & Years sound influence on the track. I can quite see how this song would nestle nicely among the dance offerings of Years & Years, latest album “Night Call“.

Speaking of albums, you’ve probably guessed because of having promoted three new tracks that Osvaldo intends to release an album soon. His fifth English-language unreleased project is, in fact, scheduled for release at the end of the year.

“At a time when everything is so fast, I want to take my fans to live with me the construction of this record, piece by piece, single by single.” The singer has announced.

So we know we will be getting more songs, and those will undoubtedly lead to more videos. The one that Osvaldo has already put out for “Lights Down Low” received a big ole’, Bellissimo, from me. I am, optimistically, hopeful that Osvaldo is working on at least two more like that one.

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