The years 2021 and 2022 were a most gratifying productive time for the Italian singer-songwriter, producer, and triple-threat Osvaldo Supino. I witnessed increasing vulnerability in his music and was pleased to observe Osvaldo expressing more of his authentic self in both lyrical and visual prowess. Seen in tracks such as “Lights Down Low,” “Don’t Hold Back,” and “Body Burning“. And although he did not say it directly, I am distinctly catching the feeling of experiencing a new album taking shape. Nothing makes me more inclined to think this way than the release of another new song, the track “Stuck On This Feeling“.

In contrast, the first release of the year is an electro-pop ballad. A far cry from the dance-pop crossover bops that were served recently. Because of this, the track “Stuck On This Feeling” also adds weight to my suspicion of an album arriving soon.

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In this emotively charged stomper, he reveals

“I sing about the great difficulty that so many have in believing in a relationship today,” says Osvaldo, “In a hyper-connected world, which makes us increasingly seemingly independent even in our feelings, how complicated is it to surrender in another person by leaving our comfort zone?”

The vibe shared in “Stuck On This Feeling” is highly emotive, and raw. Resulting in a heartfelt and poignant track that underlines his wholly unique artistic style.

While unveiling the Riccardo Albiero-directed music video, he comments…

“For the first time,” says Osvaldo, “I didn’t want to show the skyline of NewYork or Miami, but to tell an all-Italian fairy tale in the city of my country that I love and makes me dream the most. This song is a fairy tale and I could only represent it in Venice.”

For this release, he creates a spine-tingling and spellbinding sound, and the visuals only heighten these sensory experiences further.

Not without achieving notable success, Osvaldo was trying to make his mark on mainstream music for a long time. He has accomplished a lot, but I feel he is in his prime at this moment, more than ever.

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