This Italian pop singer is on a roll. I am talking about Osvaldo Supino. Who has a new track out. “Don’t Hold Back“, that I will deep-dive into with you in a moment.

I hope he doesn’t mind. I wanted to make an example about him to other up-and-coming musicians. He has been featured on this blog numerous times over the years. Because he, and his team persisted with sending over tracks for us to check out. The thing is. One song might push all the right buttons with us. While another may not. What I am saying, here to help other independent and emerging pop musicians who send us stuff. Is, that we might not ‘get it’ the first, or second or sometimes the third (but rare,) time you send us something. Don’t despair. If you have a few knock-backs from me/us. Osvaldo never has. Look. He has kept going, and I am pleased to support the latest releases because of being brilliantly his best work.

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What I am connecting with more in Osvaldo’s latest releases (previously “Lights Down Low“) and “Don’t Hold Back” is noticing a much bolder use of authenticity. This runs through the lyrics and the new aesthetical approach implemented, of late. I also noticed he’s teamed up with songwriter ili (former X Factor UK contestant Emily Middlemass) on the new songs. A collaboration, which is a change for the better, I feel. (ili is the partner of X Factor contestant Ryan Lawrie (aka Koolkid) who, now writes for BTS. Songwriting magic is happening in this household, methinks.)

In his songs, Osvaldo has explored the sexy, provocative route before. We (EQ) felt it needed some refinement. A song like “Don’t Hold Back” that’s both sexy and provocative. Tells me he’s sharpened up his skills a lot. We didn’t know what to think about him in the beginning. I can tell you. What Osvaldo Supino, has released this year are first-class pop songs. And, you really should get your ears all over these new tracks.

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