It is unlike Osvaldo Supino to record a cover song since he prides himself on his songwriting abilities. However, this time, the sentiment of the track “It Takes A Fool To Remain Sane” by Swedish band The Ark proved hard to resist. When originally released, this iconic song successfully charted in Sweden and Italy. It became somewhat of a favoured anthem that has subsequently, been covered many times by various Swedish artists. Although, since, not familiar with the song myself, I had to quickly hook out The Ark version to understand why, in particular, this glam rockers track became so revered.

It Takes A Fool To Remain Sane” is a powerful track that really speaks to people. The lyrics encourage us to be true to ourselves, no matter what anyone else might think, and that’s why it resonates. It’s so important to embrace who we are and what we want to do, even if the world might not understand or accept us. This song is a reminder that we can find happiness and freedom by being true to ourselves.

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I recently also discovered that Venezuelan-born Swedish singer and actor Omar Rudberg sang a cover version of the song for the Netflix show “Young Royals“. Although returning to Osvaldo Supino. Since I was especially impressed with his interpretation of the beloved anthem. His convincing, softer vocal style conveyed a sense of vulnerability and feeling, which is equally moving. Using a softer, dance-inspired soundtrack, means Osvaldo’s signature emotive, uplifting dance-pop is perfectly complemented. Overall, it was a beautiful and powerful performance that I won’t soon, forget.

The music video may seem like a simple idea. However, there’s actually an immense powerful story behind it. You see, Osvaldo recently spent time hospitalised in a clinic, in Milan. Hence the reason why the video is an especially poignant one. The clip shot at 4am in Milan expresses complete vulnerability. We can even see the clinic bracelet he’s wearing like a medal. It’s almost like a war scar, something to be proud of, and it gives him the strength to keep going.

Taking on board the added insight. The clip was a moving and inspiring watch, and it made me appreciate the power of art to tell stories and inspire people.

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