When Betty Who began releasing new music earlier this year, she wasted no time letting us know things were going to be a little different going forward. Already songs “Ignore Me” and “Look Back” have given the clear-cut indication of the new, nothing is off limits approach to her music making. And couldn’t be more defined than in both of the tracks melodic and stylistic differences. There is no doubt about it, becoming unleased from her record label has stirred up her creativity. With this fresh opportunity at her disposal, she’s intent on experimenting with new sounds and styles all the more. “Taste” is the next teaser track to arrive. It coincides with the announcement of “Betty Pt 1” EP, out June 15.

When Betty says, “For the first time in a long time, I’m not thinking about how each song flows together, I’m not worried about what people will think… I just wanted to push myself and find the songs and sounds that I’ve always wanted to put out but never had the guts to.” She means it. Not least with “Taste” which is properly the, boldest overhaul of sound and style as yet. The song begins as one big pop-funk jam which leads into the chorus which hits with a punch of glam sized power. Betty’s seductively cooed vocals prove she isn’t messing around, as she sings the words “the worse they are, the better they taste.” Mama Who, knows the thrill of an insatiable craving, right? “Taste” sure adds a twist of fresh spice to Betty Who’s pop life as we’ve known it.

I have no qualms in saying this new found appreciation of the unpredictable brings Betty out from the sugary pop era revitalised and in her element. By her, own admission, she’s not trying to tick boxes anymore. Some people will like, and some won’t. Don’t expect you’re first, listen to “Taste” to immediately, win you over but it will pique intrigue. On the second or third, listen to the track it will be pulling its standout, vampy kind of Pop Power with capital Ps.

Dates for your diary – Betty Who UK fans
Thursday, May 31st: Bush Hall, London – tickets here
Sunday, June 3rd: The Mighty Hoopla Festival, London

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