What is most important to note of Troye Sivan’s songs, is that they each have such lyrical depth to them, that when it comes to promoting them through the medium of video, no thrills approach suits them best. Ever since Troye stepped away from the initial epic “Blue Neighbourhood” trilogy of concept driven short-film visuals he’s concentrated on conveying the deeper meanings of his songs via stripped back, story-heavy promos. It’s really all that is required and the way in which Troye conducts this no less impacting.

This approach is no more apparent than with the arrival of the powerfully emotive direction in which the visual themes of the Betty Who assisted track “Heaven” are undertaken

The poignant track explores the interlacing of feelings about being gay, coming out and topically the reactions amongst the backdrop of politics to which Troye highlights the strong sentiment of the moving collaboration utilizing historic film clips of major LGBTQ history making and importance. Crammed into it’s 4 ½ minutes, it does well documenting pride rallies, protests and pays homage to Harvey Milk.

The central character is Troye himself, who we see depicted in black and white, deep in thought and reflection celebrating the activists who have pathed the way forward to acceptance and equality before him. All carried out with a tone yearning of positivity and empowerment.

Quite in level of importance with this song and video for “HeavenTroye Sivan is and continues to be up there among the courageous and bravest with the best of them.