I’m so grateful for all the fresh new pop artists who are emerging with incredible music. It’s great to see them stepping up while the top pop acts are busy touring and performing at festivals. Kylie was particularly astute when releasing “Padam Padam” before the festival season took over, wouldn’t you agree? Even though summertime is a bit of a slower season for major pop releases, that doesn’t mean there aren’t fantastic new tracks out there. For instance, Bentley Robles, the prince of synth-pop from New York City, has just released “Hope U Cry,” a dazzling new electro-pop song that will leave you in total bliss.

I’ve been really impressed with Bentley’s recent music. His songs “Salvatore“, “Kiss My Friends,” and “See Me Naked” are all amazing and really showcase his talent, but his new track “Hope U Cry” is something else entirely. It’s the kind of breakup anthem every pop artist dreams of having in their repertoire, it’s emotional and powerful but also super catchy and danceable.

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Not to put a finer point on it. Bentley wrote this song about his ex and as a way of venting his anger over how he was wronged. Understandably, he would want to express himself through music, and he’s not alone in feeling hurt after a breakup. He wants his ex to feel some of the misery he’s been going through, and he hopes the breakup isn’t just a walk in the park for him.

Sometimes, it’s hard to always take the high road and be the bigger person. Therefore, I think Bentley is onto something by keeping it real. Even the kind-hearted types have probably had moments where they just needed to let out some anger before moving on to dishing out good wishes. It’s okay to feel your emotions and healthily express them.

Bentley Robles has a history of being bold and cheeky in his music. “Hope U Cry,” continues in the same vein with its upfront and playful commentary. I appreciate Bentley is not afraid to take risks and have fun with his pop music. It’s refreshing to see an artist who is unafraid to be daring and playful.

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