For five whole days since its release, I’ve been jamming to “Hellboy” by Greyson Chance. Come on, you have been doing the same as well, haven’t you? Listen, because of the bodies of work that have preceded this track I never imagined we would have a song like this from Greyson. But I’m mighty pleased we now have it. “Hellboy” is, without doubt, a pivotal release for Greyson. I don’t mean to gloss over from diving in on the details as I have already shared my thoughts about the track (in case you missed it, read here). Besides as I was informed by Greyson’s team, there are more exciting announcements being made around this release, coming this week.

First up, The Lee Family, directed music video has dropped. It is the funnest, one Greyson has ever given us and because of the lyrics, unlike anything, I had imagined it might be. The dark, sinister tones the clip begins with soon give way to a much lighter mood. I don’t want to spoil too much with a detailed critique of the visual, suffice to say when I previously said “This is Greyson Chance being seen entirely through a new lens.” I didn’t know how accurate that statement would be when applied to the music video as well. Needless to say, I want to see more of this version of Greyson Chance. Taking on a different persona in his music videos really suits him. The flashy red tracksuit and wig. He wears them well. Watch the video, you’ll find out what I mean for yourselves, soon enough.

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Trophies” has also been revealed as the album title. It is more of a longer EP release to be fair. The long-awaited, long-player is slated to arrive June 25th through Arista Records. Judging by what Greyson said during the livestream premiere for the music video, we should maybe expect further information on that, this week. Would anyone mind if I named this week, Greyson Chance week?… I thought not. April 26th – May 2nd 2021 “Greyson Chance Week.” It looks good when written down don’t you think?

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