I had a super packed SXSW Schedule this year, but there was no way I wasn’t going to make the Greyson Chance, We Found New Music showcase at Palm Door on Sixth. If the occasion of an intimate show by the singer-songwriter wasn’t special enough, afterwards at midnight on March 14th, Greyson’s debut album “portraits” was released to the world.

The recent singles “shut up” and “timekeeper” fuelled my excitement for this show. I didn’t want to miss a second of what was about to happen so I totally made it my mission to secure a front row spot to witness this star-in-the making make his debut SXSW performance.

Hands up, I knew in all probability, this experience would render me awestruck. I am sure when he looked out across the room he got to see there were satisfied smiles beaming back at him. It was the kind of night when being there in the moment with Greyson’s music was everything. Greyson’s dynamically powerful and emotive voice had the magical ability to ensure not one eye wandered from watching him.

I hope you enjoy the live footage I’ve taken and feel much the same way that I did on the night.
Apologies for the sound – I must have been standing right by the bass monitor!

To make amends for the slightly squiffy audio recording – here’s an added bonus. The brand spanking new video for “yours” has been unleasehed for you to enjoy as well…

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