For a while, I have been left wondering what kind of visual style Vic and Gab of Reyna might have in mind for their debut music video. As of today, I do not have to sit back and ponder such things no more, since the sisters have given me all that I have been wishing for. From now on as well as listening to the brightly bubbling synth-pop tones of current release “Heartbeat.” I will also have the pleasure of watching the duo’s enchanting visual translation of the track, by way of the highly engaging, supporting music video, which is directed by Savannah Ziemann & Conor Tarnowski.

In the clip, the ladies are giving me a great deal to digest. As they have gone right in bringing to life a full story-boarded narrative. And, they look as though they have had the best fun, working on the visual. If I were to tell you, you are about to watch Vic and Gab bake a cake, you might at first think to yourselves, where is the fun in that? But, you will soon see, that the sisters can stir up enjoyment and pleasure into the most normal of everyday activities.

Reyna says, “For the video, we created a dark and delusional fantasy world where we tie down our lovers and feed them a love potion cake to symbolise our infatuation. We got to put our Mexican culture in the spotlight and had so much fun decorating the set with conchas, prayer candles, Calaveras, etc. The “Blue Demon” luchador mask we used on one of the lovers is actually from our childhood and we got it at a Lucha Libre match in Mexico when we went with our Abuelo. To be able to eternalise that memory makes the video even more special.”

By leaping into the world of video making, Reyna has staked out a new territory which demands a reaction. My response to this is, the clip personifies Vic and Gab rather endearingly if you ask me. All the same, it’s fabulous to be given a little more insight into their sparkling characters. Which is matched by a compelling visual.

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