It has been a special year for Reyna. Vic and Gab have taken their music to a new level and met some pretty, cool achievements. These Include smashing some streaming records, and having some renowned music publications get caught, onto them. The girls have been on a roll during 2019. It began with the launch of their music video debut for “Heartbeat.” And ends the year on a similar note, with the dropping off a new track and video, titled “Clueless.” Knowing the sisters as we’ve come to know them through their songs. We can be assured that they are not lacking in the knowledge of how to turn out a peppy, upbeat tune, that we can happily feed into our ears.

The title “Clueless” alludes a little bit to the American coming-of-age, teen comedy film of the same name. But, was written with a more specific, relatable context in mind. Gab Banuelos of the duo further explains…

“I’ve spent most of this year feeling pretty Clueless, struggling with anxiety, self-esteem, and feeling like I’m not enough for the people in my life. I’ve felt like I keep letting the people I love down, and it’s been really hard to crawl out of that feeling. Clueless is me saying to myself I deserve to be loved, to be happy and that I am enough, but most importantly, I’ve learned to accept and love myself the way I am.”

This a really, big personal moment for Gab to share by letting us in through the narrative of the song. By it’s ebulliently, melodic nature “Clueless” has an almost effortless power to lift us up by the pulling force of the music, alone. The release, however, is a good way of continually being mindful of our mental health, and of the need to keep moving the conversation around this topic, forward. The video the ladies have brought us to go alongside the track is self-directed by the duo in collaboration with Gabi Olmedo. The clip shows the girls in a party mood, having some fun singing karaoke while, snacking on pizza and swilling down a bottle of *cheap champagne (*Reyna’s description not mine.) Because of the fantastic 2019, they have had Gab and Vic have every right to celebrate into the New Year. I sense Reyna won’t keep us hungry for new music in 2020, being that they already hinted on insta, they’ve lots of new tunes to share.

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