Milwaukee-by-way-of-Texas sister-duo Reyna has treated us well this year, gifting our ears with some great, vibey synth-pop tracks. The girls still have got some treats in store for us before the year is out, the first being “Heartbeat” a song about going all in, and committing to a relationship. When speaking of the track, Gab says

“Heartbeat is about the time my boyfriend and I took a break from our relationship. We were at a point where we weren’t sure if we were ready to commit or call it off. One night he shows up unannounced to my house blasting “Harvest Moon” in his car. He says to me “Ok no more being away from each other.” I wrote this song channelling all those emotions I felt leading up to us getting back together.”

It is so good to hear these girls coming out with meaningful electronic pop songs time after time. They put their truth into their tracks, and the payback they are reaping is earning them more new fans with each release. This is purely because in their songs Vic and Gab give us a full dose of life, with topics many of us can widely relate to. As always, they pair this up with sunshine pop melodies as well. Along with their various co-writers, they have quickly become pretty dynamite at tying up catchy refrains, lyrics and beats.

We dig the tunes wholeheartedly, but how about the ladies start following these masterpieces up with some music video treatments? Would be nice, yes? Feels a long time in coming, but breaking news. The duo is currently finishing up the first of a two-part EP to be released before the end of the year and will follow up with a music video. YAY! I cannot wait to see how Reyna’s songs will translate to video. In the meantime, I’m still cool with all the duo have given us musically thus far. Play on.

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