You can count me as a fan of Reyna’s old songs but this new direction which they began going in with the last single “Cool With It” seems suited as an even better style for the ladies. The Milwaukee-by-way-of-Texas sister-duo have brought onside producer FRILLS for their latest track. The collaborative team are set to clock up another win with the track “Baby Forget It” which is equally if not more sparky than the sister duo’s previous effort with “Cool With It.”

Baby Forget It” shows how much the band’s gorgeous synth-pop sound has developed since their previous releases. It is deliciously upbeat with a bright pop sound. I’d go so far as to say in a melodic sense, it is their most ebulliently, dance-worthy release to date. It is obvious that the band is drawing from 80’s pop music and artists like Belinda Carlisle and Martika but also adding lots of Reyna, dreamy vocal speciality into the mix. Stylistically, the straight-ahead dance beat and vibrating synths of the song, bring out a brand of sonic joy which could be called the new vintage. It revitalises the classic sound of 80’s synth-pop with a taste of today’s musical trends.

Speaking of the track, Victoriah adds, “The song is about, a former love who kept something of mine after a dramatic breakup. I wasn’t the best version of myself in this relationship, and I can admit that I really, messed up. That’s why I was so surprised when I saw that she would wear my jacket, I was like hmm maybe it wasn’t so bad, maybe every time she puts the jacket on she thinks about the good times instead of the bad. This song is for everyone who has had their heart broken then somehow muster the courage to put their hearts out there again. It’s learning from those sour episodes in your life and making them part of who you are like a scar you’re proud of.”

From vocal verses, all the way to pop-sensible choruses Reyna are evolving their sound tweak by tweak, and it’s keeping the band ahead of the curve.

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