Milwaukee sisters Victoriah and Gabby first began releasing tracks as the duo Reyna a couple of years ago. Their singles “Spill Your Colors” and “Ink On My Skin“, shimmered with effervescing synth-pop appeal and were perfect choices for inclusion on one of the first of our, Spotify playlist series – “This Beat Is Poptronik“. Following the success of their early singles, the ladies have been busy out on the road opening for bands Death Cab for Cutie, CHVRCHES and Bleachers and are about to tour with Coast Modern in April. So it makes sense for Reyna to have a new single out and fans of the duo are certain to be “Cool With It” too.

This electronic record comes from a place where alternative pop and synthwave meets, taking the duo off in a slightly different direction than their previous synth bangers. The duo explains, “lyrically “Cool With It” is a sly dig at the dichotomy of the idealised “cool girl” and how she’s an unattainable amalgam of contradiction. “Guys want that ‘cool girl'” laughs Gabby. “One who gets dressed up in a little black dress and heels to sit on the couch and watch football. I’ve caught myself many times trying to fit into the “cool girl” mould. I couldn’t care too much, whoever showed less emotion had the power in the relationship. I wrote this song with all of this in mind.”

The single shimmers with electronic pop sheen, while punches with a powerful lyrical attitude, its a blitz of colourful melody and dreamy pop vocals. Reyna’s new direction is startlingly honest and a bold statement sonically. “Cool With It” is a sweet piece of blissful electro-pop that feels in the right place amongst the electronic music of today. Equal parts modern and nostalgic, expect this song to find itself on repeat in your head long after it ends.

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