Well, isn’t this nice. Reyna is getting in their music video making, stride and are bringing us a new film clip (they’re second, ever) for the recently released track “The Way I Loved You“. The sun-soaked song with thoughtful, life-affirming lyrics carries a message about being intrepid, finding love without caution or fear, as when after experiencing a broken heart for the first time. The ladies sum up, these complex emotions in the form of a melodically upbeat anthem. It is a really tuneful and fresh sounding record, jaunty, indie electronic-pop, with a modern twist.

Similarly to their video debut for previous track “Heartbeat“, the new clip sees the sisters once again, cooking up a visual treat. The last time we caught the girls baking up a storm by creating a love potion cake. For “The Way I Loved You” they go one better, by giving us a whole dinner party laid out on a banqueting table to feast our eyes upon. The clip directed by Savannah Ziemann has been shot in a style inspired by the Mexican Telenovelas (Latin-American soap operas.) And as such in keeping, with the serial-drama aesthetic, the video should be seen as being, more than a little bit larger-than-life.

“Growing up, our parents would always let us stay up late to watch Telenovelas with them and then we would grab a camera and act out our favourite Telenovela scenes. Those are such fond memories for us, and we still watch Telenovelas to this day – it is one of the ways that we continue to stay in touch with our culture. For this video, we wanted to pay tribute to all of those nights spent on the couch watching Telenovelas with our parents. It was so insanely, fun to be dramatic and glamorous for a day.” – Reyna

The dinner party hosts Reyna certainly appear to have enjoyed stirring up a hornet’s nest of ill-feelings between their guests. The clip alludes to different love triangles occurring between the characters. Tensions build and emotions erupt as the invited guests come to blows in a good, old soapland style brawl. Meanwhile, while the guests are out for each other’s blood, instigators, Reyna cooly watch on careful not to spill a drop of their vintage Vino Tinto.

Reyna has captured the nostalgia of when soap operas used to be less gritty and real than they are today. I think we’ll have to keep an eye the Banuelos sisters, you know. Outwardly, they have always seemed pretty sweet and charming, but as indicated in this video clip what lurks behind the sweetness and cute are devious master brains, ha, ha. Joking aside, loving that Vic and Gab are giving a nod to their Mexican culture and roots. It is important, they represent and add to Latin-America’s legacy.

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