Kim Petras is fast becoming everybody’s new pop princess of that there is no doubt. With her chirpy brand of pop so, shiny and brightly upbeat, the singer really, is living out, most young ladies teenage dreams. Although, admittedly the style of music is bordering on saccharine, what we can wholeheartedly say about, Kim’s songs are that they exude a fun vibe which has been missing from much of the emerging pop music, of late. Current single “Heart To Break” is no exception, with its twinkling, melody and catchy, memorable groove.

While there are all the glossy trappings of Disney cuteness, coming from this release, it would be wise not be under any disillusion that the singer isn’t astute and savvy. As what comes through in the lyrics is genuinely pretty smart. If I’m honest, it was Raj’s coverage from seeing Kim at SXSW recently, and his comments about her that referenced Betty Who which made me look at the singer, again.

Heart To Break” has the edge, over Kim’s other releases for me and is the song which I find most, musically alluring. A whole lot, of big-budget, bucks have been blown on the video to make it worthy of Petras’s rapidly growing princess of pop status. Fittingly the clip is set where else but in a fairytale castle, where the singer unapologetically wears her feelings about love and relationships on her sleeve and has a jolly good dance around her crystal walled tower, to boot. Obvious, cuteness aside, the most important scenes of the video appear as the epically, produced visual draws to a close. It’s here where we get the real message of the song coming through, as we see her turned into glass and shattering into millions of tiny particles as she prepares to lock lips with her prince charming. Just like everybody else even fairytale, future pop princesses are hopeless romantics and have a vulnerable side. Who, knew.

It is rapidly, becoming clear Kim Petras is the next force in pop to be reckoned with, and I highly suspect from here-on-in, she won’t slow down until the world knows it!

Kim Petras plays her first UK show at London’s Courtyard Theatre on 25 May. Tickets on sale now via Live Nation.

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