I have bad news. Unlike the previous two years, there will be no Halloween mixtape from Kim Petras this year. Going live on Instagram a couple of days ago, Kim spoke of her desire to perform live, the complete “Turn Off The Light” series but, of course, that can’t happen right now. Thus, the release of “Turn Off The Light Vol. 3” will be pushed back until this time next year. She didn’t want her fans to be completely starved of new Kim though. To hold us over, she’s dropped one new song instead “Party Till I Die,” which has instantly appeared on the mixtape, on DSPs where it can be streamed.

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The mixtape is where we’ve seen Kim experimenting with bolder electronic-pop styles, and where she has delivered banger after banger. Similarly, “Party Till I Die” explodes with electro-pop colour. A track which feels as though it might be carried from the same vein that Charli XCX sought on her mixtapes “Number 1 Angel” and “Pop 2.”

More than likely there will be a slew of spooky Halloween themed tracks released this week. Chances are these efforts will not hold a match to the electro-pop-sensible vibes of “Party Till I Die” from Kim Petras the Halloqueen of spooky bops.

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