I will admit to disliking media platform-specific exclusives, especially those that run over for more than a few days. Amazon Music, with their celebration of Pride month that ran in June, spotlighting artists breaking boundaries in popular music. Is one outlet though, that I forego being mad at for what they did. Even since they bagged exclusivity over the brilliant Kim Petras cover of Kate Bush “Running Up That Hill“. However, since racking up 20 million streams for Amazon Music. I am overjoyed Kim has snatched her version back for herself and has added it to all her media outlets.

Her take on the track touches on the otherworldly yet, still has a dazzling pop sensibility to it. That I can understand Amazon Music’s hesitation in relinquishing this undoubted piece of pop perfection.

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Like all of Kim Petras fans. Raj and I here at EQ Music are upset that the “Problématique, album was shelved. Namely, because the track “Hit It From The Back” was shaping up as iconic. In light of this, the general release of the Kim Petras cover of Kate Bush “Running Up That Hill” is for now some delightful form of compensation. 

We know that spooky season is around the corner, don’t we? In recent years Kim has not been shy about her love of all things Halloween. And we could always count our blessings that the pop queen would be on hand to deliver us some suitable party music befitting of the occasion in the form of a mixtape. This year, will be different in this respect. She already smashed the rumours on twitter saying “I wanna avoid disappointment and no TOTL 3 this year – eventually tho“. However, given her recent news, the future is not all doom and gloom. She has as much confirmed as well as teased that the track “Unholy” a collaboration with Sam Smith is dropping 15th September. You’d be right to consider me very excited about it.

With that said and the confirmation, we won’t be getting anything Halloween-themed from her this year. Yet with new music on the way for definite. And where we know she will serve us well. I think we would be better off renaming spooky season to Kim Petras season, anyways.

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