OMG. Do you remember that feeling that you had when Robyn and Betty Who first burst onto pop music scene? I haven’t felt that in a while about a new female pop artist if I’m being honest. That is until I witnessed Kim Petras absolutely slaying it at SXSW this year.

I’ve heard Kim Petras’ name knocking about from mutual music folk the last couple of months and all I really knew about her was that she was racking up some serious YouTube plays online. In a world of throwaway pop, big numbers don’t get me that excited anymore. However it was that magic moment when Kim Petras took the stage at Palm Door on Sixth in Austin, TX last month that it all just clicked for me.

This girl is onto something…something big.

Just listen to her tracks like “I Don’t Want It At All” and “Faded”. They are pop gold. SXSW isn’t really known for it’s unabashed pop events, but my goodness, what Kim Petras brought to the festival this year was something that I really have been aching for as a pop journalist. This was a party to celebrate POP in all it’s glory. This was a party to celebrate DIVERSITY in pop. This was a time to just shed all our pre-conceived notions about pop music and just throw them all away and party.

The crowd ate it up and so did I.

Kim Petras video for “I Don’t Want It At All” is just fabulous if we must say so ourselves. An ode to Paris Hilton no less, but upon watching the video I was immediately transported back to Madonna’s “Material Girl” days and the underlying message it represented back then and still does.

I’m so overjoyed I got to witness Kim Petras as SXSW this year. She only did one show and it was well worth seeing. Next time she comes round to London, I’m organising a posse and we are gonna get down and get our “pop party” on.

Until then, Kim Petras is gonna rule my Spotify for quite some time…