After months of teasing, “Dirt Femme“, the fifth album of Tove Lo, is here. As a matter of fact, I must say… I was more invested in this phase than in any of her previous album outings. By coincidence, “Dirt Femme” is her first release as an independent releasing artist. I am unsure whether this had any real bearing on my appreciation for this album over the others. Although, gradually, I found the electro-pop vibes more to my taste this time around. Likewise, the same applies with the topics it speaks about. For example, destructive love and Tove’s relationship with her femininity.

“It’s about my body, my fears, my dreams. Songs on this album will contradict each other, will probably upset some of you, will make you wanna dance & cry. It’s extremely personal as always which is why it’s so hard to describe in just a few words”. – Tove Lo

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As was speculated, each album track is paired with a visual scene. With 40 minutes of compelling imagery, this film presents Tove Lo portrayed in her most authentic manner to date.

With the project unleashed, the focus of “Dirt Femme” now turns to the track “Grapefruit“. By her own admission, Tove has said this is a song she has tried to write for over 10 years. The track covers her relationship with an eating disorder and body issues. (Which she confirms she has been free from for a very long time).

“One of the many feelings I remember is needing to crawl out of my own skin. I felt so trapped in a body I hated. It was honestly really hard putting myself back in that headspace, but it was necessary for me”. She explains.

The album “Dirt Femme“, but most importantly, the track “Grapefruit” has changed my opinion of Tove Lo. Before this album arrived, I viewed her as projecting confidence and as an empowerment figure. With this flashback and a show of vulnerability, I have definitely, gained a new admiration for Tove.

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