Recently, I noticed the internet went berserk over the return of the HBO teen drama “Euphoria“. Even though I haven’t watched a single episode of this mini-series, I haven’t been unable to dodge past seeing lots of discussion and hype shared daily about the programme. While I cannot speak as everyone else does about Zendaya. Her character Rue in the show or the character’s addiction to drugs. I know, beyond doubt. A TV series of this magnitude is likely to have a seriously cool soundtrack to go alongside it. Consequently, it wasn’t a surprise to me to receive details about some of the songs included in the show. Or that Tove Lo, is one of the contributors for the Emmy®-winning television drama with the song, “How Long“.

Speaking about the collaboration, Tove Lo reveals,

“”How Long” is about love, betrayal and denial. It was one of the few songs that came together for me during quarantine, and I think it’s so beautiful in all its darkness. I’m so honoured that it gets to be a part of “Euphoria“, a show I love so much because of its rawness and provocative storytelling.”

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When the episode featuring the track aired this weekend, viewers only got to hear a tiny slice of it. Complete, “How Long” sounds every inch of a Tove Lo track to me. However, I do think the song has a dark allure similar to that of the multi-platinum-selling Swedish singer-songwriter’s first releases “Not On Drugs” and “Habits“. (From the debut release of the “Truth Serum” EP). The atmospheric electronic soundscape in “How Long” certainly qualifies as mood music. Makes the track, ideally, suited to play a part, featured in a soundtrack.

Although recently she popped up as a collaborator on the Duran Duran track “Give It All Up“, Tove Lo is currently in the studio working on new music. By the looks of things on her, Instagram / TikTok accounts. Tove is teasing something new already. Might this be a video possibly, for “This Is A Song About Dancing”. The debut single of Tove Lo’s new dance/techno collective Associanu? or something else? It looks fierce. What can I say, I love kick-ass Tove Lo best.

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