Since she embarked on her “Dirt Femme” era. Swedish pop sensation Tove Lo has become less queen of the clouds and more akin to the queen of the bops. Even outside of the “Dirt Femme” release, she has continued to serve pop fans well. For instance, in February, Tove revealed the track “Borderline.” The song was written as a sequel to her “Dirt Femme” era opener banger, “No One Dies From Love.” Although as she prepares to embark on the North American, European/UK. As well as the New Zealand and Australian legs of the “Dirt Femme” tour. No one knew Tove had another bop stashed away, that she would spring as a surprise summertime release.

Her intention is abundantly clear with “i like u,” she is seeking to heat up dance floors and festival crowds everywhere, not just at the gazillion shows she has booked to perform at throughout the remainder of 2023. Why else would Tove drop such a massive dance track?

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Speaking about the song “i like uTove said…

“It’s not the usual pop structure, but it’s perfect for this song, I think. Lyrically I’m telling the story of my thoughts the first time I saw the love of my life. They’re not clean, but at least I never said any of them out loud.”

Also, I hasten to add, do you think it is purely a coincidence that Tove is releasing this song at the beginning of Pride month? Without a doubt, this has formed part of the plan around this track release. If we need further clarification that it was always Tove’s intention to unleash “i like u” in celebration of Pride it is because…

Tove will donate a portion of her streaming proceeds from ‘I like u’ to The Trevor Project, the leading suicide prevention org for LGBTQ young people. For more information please visit

… also because she has been an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights for years. This is her way of showing support during a month dedicated to celebrating and promoting acceptance and equality.

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