So we’re hedging our bets here that you’ll have already cast your eyes over Tove Lo’s raunchy, intense short film “Fairy Dust” which acts in support of her sophomore album “Lady Wood” because it launched about a month ago. We don’t know what we were expecting, but it has to be said Tove had the power right there to shook us and stir up more than a little provocation in being so animated, in just falling short of leaving nothing to the imagination albeit for being unforgivingly liberated.

Seriously this Is such a hot way of marketing an album. We’ve had full-blown concept albums before but let’s be honest in this, a whole film built around the songs is not something most budgets could cater for. In the case of Tove Lo, she got investors willing to ensure that her artistic vision is brought about with maximum impact because if this is the new way of selling an album it couldn’t be more translatable and immersing than “Fairy Dust” is of the polished audio album experience that is “Lady Wood”.

True Disaster” gives us more, chills and thrills of excitement even when portioned out from the intrepid film short into a visual accompaniment to stand alongside the seductively sassy song.

Clearly one thing other than the obvious sticks out, Tove was awake during Drama class as much as she was Music studies. Hot damn does she have some engaging and impressing acting skills that show off portraying emotionally expressive roles are another of her strengths. Just give Tove her Academy statuette already!