The album “Dirt Femme” was released just months ago. Yet, I am not shocked to learn that Tove Lo has unleashed a new song so soon or that this is a stand-alone release and not featured in her latest body of work. In learning about “Borderline.” I assumed there might be a deluxe edition of “Dirt Femme“coming and that this new song would be included. Nevertheless, at this time, no such statement has been issued. (Although I do feel an update to this effect is likeliest soon rather than later).

Speaking about the new track, Tove revealed the song serves as a sequel to the anthem, “No One Dies From Love“. Therefore, she also declared, “it was the perfect song for Annie’s revenge video”.

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Borderline” is a song about being on the edge of love. The drama you cause inside yourself and with another person if you feel insecure. You test them. This song has existed for a long time, and I’ve always felt it was incredibly special, so getting to release it now has sort of a full-circle feeling. Maybe this is why it was the perfect song for Annie’s revenge video?”

Having been made aware of the songwriting team for “Borderline,” comprising Dua Lipa with Jakob Jerlstrom and Ludvig söderberg that joined forces. It was hardly in doubt that Tove would keep this song under wraps for longer than needs be. Bearing in mind Tove is now an independent artist once again, I consider it somewhat an outside chance that she quickly undertook another action-packed music video. Regardless, I am pleased to see this story-driven visual clip from Tove and Brazilian director Nogari. In particular, due to the increasing number of choreographed dance videos that other artists are making today.

As I see it, in terms of the music and the music videos. Tove Lo is doing everything right since regaining independent artist status. At least reclaiming creative control suits Tove very well.

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