Bright Light Bright Light began the UK leg of his “Tough Love” tour on the 20th September taking in Bristol, Cardfiff and Manchester it will continue to visit Glasgow and Birmingham finishing up in London on the 29th September, at the end of the week. Rod has gone back out on the live circuit again because Friday saw the release of “Tough Love” his latest EP. A mini album which I have already spoken a little about through promotional focus singles “Tough Love” and “Uh Huh!

The new EP has an additional three singles to those I’ve already mentioned and also features two bonus disco 12″ mixes of the tracks “How I Feel” and title track “Tough Love.” I have to say the disco mixes are particularly fantastic even by Rod’s usual exceptional high standards. I found myself transported off into a bubble of shimmery dance-pop, ecstasy by these expertly honed soundscapes.

As you would expect, if already a Bright Light Bright Light fan. A lot of the EP’s melodic inspiration comes the 80s and 90s. The themes which it explores though, are firmly planted in the present day. This is where we get to hear how Rod examines topics about mental health and social media and their effect on our day to day lives. His findings are that the route to wellness comes from checking in with yourself and knowing when to be tougher or kinder on yourself in life and relationships. Sound advice if you ask me.

I am sure you will instantly love all of this new EP as much as I already do. Everything about the accomplished release is sure to keep your feet moving. While its alluring, retro melodies will have your mind thinking fondly of days gone by.

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