Attention all music lovers! It shouldn’t have escaped you, Bright Light Bright Light is gearing up the release of his fifth album, “Enjoy Youth,” on May 17th! Furthermore, and most notably, this upcoming album has already revealed some impressive tracks thus far. Although, it must be said the latest the single drop, “Every Emotion,” has the wow factor built in because of featuring the iconic 90s dance legend Ultra Nate. The track is the first collaboration in this era and is a slick 90s-steeped, dancefloor groover.

Writing this song, Rod Thomas captures the overwhelming rush of emotions that can accompany meeting someone new and intriguing. It’s easy to become lost in your own thoughts, wondering if they feel the same way. You want to form a connection with this person. However there’s always a sense of caution since you’re not entirely certain if the attraction is mutual. Yet, despite the uncertainty, you hold onto hope that it is. These feelings are natural and valid. And with a little courage, they can lead to something beautiful. So, maybe it could prove beneficial to ponder on that last point instead.

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Every Emotion” is a verification of Bright Light Bright Light’s ability to incorporate the sounds of the 80s and 90s into his music. And yet, while the song may have a different style from the latest tracks. This only further demonstrates Rod’s mastery and versatility. Therefore, if you’re a fan of nostalgic sounds that expertly combine with modern production, you especially won’t want to miss this track.

And that’s not all – the album-launch shows in June are set to be unforgettable, with EQ Music hosting the event at the Night & Day Cafe in Manchester. To add to the excitement, the GRAMMY Nominated singer-songwriter Mykal Kilgore is joining Rod at these shows. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to experience the electrifying energy of Bright Light Bright Light’s music live! Get your tickets now and get ready to dance the night away to the groovy beats of BLBL!

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