Bright Light Bright Light 1

We’ve had “All In The Name”, Bright Light Bright Light’s collab with Elton John creating a buzz in our music brains for weeks and there’s no letup in its pull of 80’s pop inspired, infectiousness.

Too right it earned the opening slot on the June edition of our “This Beat Is Poptronik” playlist, (available here on SPOTIFY and APPLE MUSIC) because those horns in the intro alone, act as the perfect fanfare to not only the joyus song in question, but to our entire electronic-pop playlist of massively good tunes also.

Needless to say, we at EQ are as super excited as anyone to hear more of Bright Light Bright Light’s new album “Choreography” and we managed to squeeze out a little info about it from Rod Thomas himself, just recently, which has only further upped our levels of anticipation even the more.

Hitting on the fast track to the “Choreography” album release, the countdown continues with the unleashing of “Little Bit” the instant grat track available with the album pre-order.

Rod hasn’t gone all Fleur East on us, but it does boast having a fair amount of sax about it and if not mistaken cowbells! Horns though do appear to be quite a BIG requisite on what Rod has divulged to us that “Choreography” is a BIG sounding pop record.

Little Bit” touches upon a more measured account of Bright Light Bright Light’s pop mastery, fitting mid-way between ballad and love soaked anthem, than that of the out the box “All In The Name”. Quite different to anything we have heard from Bright Light Bright Light before. Pushing the envelope in a direction of a nostalgic realm of pop gems which has mostly laid untouched since they once ruled the airwaves of the 80’s.

Go dig out some Living In A Box & Go West as I quite feel by indication of “All In The Name” and “Little Bit” we could be in for something quite on similar lines.