The latest track by morgxn, “Don’t Think About It“, stands up alone as a solid, thought-provoking anthem. Of the consummate kind morgxn usually writes. The lyrics are packed with poignancy and are emphatically heartfelt as always. As, when it comes to speaking openly. morgxn is a singer-songwriter who does not scratch about the surface, delving deeper philosophically than most. His lyrics are a helpful guide. And he has life-learned wisdom to share. Of late, the music has begun tipping towards a pop/rock slant. Which is the perfect stylization for a rousing, hands in the air anthem, such as “Don’t Think About It“.

This is a song about living life without limitations. If you have a dream, do not let it stay a dream. Live it. If we think too hard about things, sometimes we miss out because of being over cautious. Doing things with a little bit of risk or bravery attached makes any reward taste sweeter. Leaving us uplifted and buzzing with positivity. “Don’t tie a string around my neck to keep me grounded. I got my head up in the clouds, I think I found it”, he affirms in the pre-chorus.

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The emotion morgxn brings to the music is faultless. The newly unleashed Neta Ben Ezra directed video for the track is incredibly touching. And is particularly effective in making a statement in a big way concerning gender identity. I love this video because it says so much without saying a word. Also, it is very timely in its message. It really gets its point across, with fantastic storytelling, an added splash of humour and an explosion of colour. Forget the blockbuster style music videos that have expenditures of thousands of bucks. This video clip is brimming with heart and soul. (I am feeling it. It is palpable). How lovely. morgxn brought us rainbows and left us with a music video pot of gold.

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