Indie-pop singer-songwriter morgxn has put out a colourful visualizer for the latest track “Wonder.” The song has been out for a month and rightly so, has gained lots of fan attention as much for it’s honest and compelling lyrics as the use of anthemic melody. The magic of the song does lie within the honest dialogue of its lyrics. The words, take a look at the emotions and feelings we keep hidden away with an aim to uplift, inspire one another to share our stories and truth.

It has been so heartwarming to see the responses this track has received, after asking fans to get involved. From, homestyle video clips which were put together for a fan-submitted video, to shared comments online. The outpouring of love “Wonder” has achieved, has been soul-stirring and beautiful to witness. Genuinely uplifting. Fair play to morgxn using his platforms to help others who have felt isolated and misunderstood feel seen, heard and valued. All when formed in the wonderful, community, they have all created together.

The track also encourages that we keep on pushing forward, never losing sight of our aspirations, dreams and goals. By linking up together, we not only have each others’ back but achieve more in the bigger scheme of things. The visualizer which has just been released. Highlights the truth, the struggles, and the yearning hopefulness, found in the lyrics of the song. Under a backdrop of assorted rainbow colours, splashed with digital art imagery. What is needed most is that the words leap out. The stylish clip engagingly achieves this in a hyper-dynamic, and colourful way.

Everything done here has been done with openness and a full heart. Listen to the lyrics, and know this from “Wonder.” Love is louder.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/morgxnofficial/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/morgxn
Instagram: http://instagram.com/morgxnofficial

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