Calista Kazuko is a creative who is hard-pressed to pigeon hole. Dedicating her strengths in the field of music by equally, celebrating female empowerment, theatre and socially conscious issues. Her allure at not being easy to define is where the real magical intrigue about her lies. By addressing complex themes, while exuding confidence and self-assurance, she aims to help us find the same within ourselves. Which is very cool.

Daddy Issues” is an example of how she thrives on being provocative. The song, the first release lifted from the forthcoming album “Empress” pushes boundaries even when in the alternative realm. Even so, beyond the beguiling aura of the “Daddy Issues” piece, there is a magnetism suggesting a pop queen is bursting to get out and shake her feathers about. Stepping in help Calista out with this is one of our most favourite new pop artists and producers, Lostchild. (Because nothing is off-limits when breathed new interpretive life via a remix.)

Taking Calista’s sultry, smoky voice as a guide, Lostchild enriches the track with inviting warming tones. His fusion blend of evocative, electronic beats, bleat with more than a nod to the 90s underground club scene. Because the mix comes from Lostchild who is a massive Madonna fan, you can also detect beads of inspiration which is very, soulful disco. Reminiscent of the style of “Vogue“. A track, still today celebrated as one of Madge’s greatest camp musical moments.

It isn’t just the track which has been brought up to speed in this way. The supporting music video for the new track remix has undergone a makeover as well. The clip is now embellished with vivid neon by filmmakers Philip Reinking and Thomas Linton. Also, there is someone new to meet, Daddy DJ being fabulous and rocking the decks. He is the business, and if I might be so bold to say, so is the Lostchild remix.

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