Some of you may have had a sneak peek or two at the new Lostchild single “Imperfect” and EP tracks already. Joe graciously included them during his stint of many, ‘in isolation’ gigs which were streamed on Instagram and Facebook Live at the beginning of lockdown. What you will not have yet heard are these fabulous studio recordings. Which also showcase Lostchild’s glowing production skills.

The title track “Imperfect” has an upbeat, almost euphoric melody with a hand punching the air chorus. Whereas, the lyrics are brimming with reason and learning to accept the flaws which help to define each and every one of us. The track also acts as an honest account of Joe’s personal struggles.

“After a 3-month delay due to world events, I finally decided to release my new single “Imperfect”. I’m recently 2 years sober, and this was one of the first songs I wrote about how I managed it… by admitting that I’m not perfect, and that’s OK. The video I made with director Philip Reinking (heavily influenced by horror movies such as The Purge.) Represents the daily struggle against the voices in my head telling me I’m nothing without drinking or using, and the fatal results that could happen if I listen to them. Loving myself is a daily practice, and if I let it slip, I’ll slip up.” – Lostchild

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We are delighted to share with you the first play of the slightly creepy video, which I love. The Purge like figures featured represent, the demons Lostchild is trying to keep at bay. I am especially living for Lostchild’s facially expressive acting skills as these spooks creep up behind him. They create some very wary looks from Joe but done so in rather a sweetly endearing, likeable manner as he attempts to outwit these spooks. You’ll have to watch the clip, of course, to see if he succeeds in his efforts because I’m not spoiling the whole, contents of what happens in the footage.

Let me also tease you with some tantalizing facts about the 7-track “Imperfect” EP which is released tomorrow (Friday 7th, August)

  • There are another couple of variations on the title track for you to enjoy.
  • Together with a fresh new update on the song “Soothe” previously lifted off Lostchild’s 2016 debut EP “Dancing with Boys.”
  • Intimate offering “Jokes” is a collaboration with newcomer Mickey Taylor. The track appears on Mickey’s latest album “Surrender.” (The album was co-written and produced by Lostchild.) Find out more HERE
  • The sample included on “Barely Alive” reveals Joe is a fan of the animated sitcom Bojack Horseman.
  • As you might have guessed by the title “Love Finds A Way” ties the EP up on a hopeful note. A track, exhibiting a danceable melody. A groover, promoting feel-good vibes

So much Lostchild amazingness here. We feel gifted. As though, we are, having Christmas in August.

Connect with Lostchild
Facebook: https://facebook.com/lostchilduk
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lostchilduk
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lostchilduk

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