Just released. From a favourite of mine and hopefully of yours, the EQ readers, as well. The mighty fine, emerging artist Lostchild has dropped off a Christmas present ahead of the big day itself. In the spirit of the season of giving, Joe (Lostchild) has recorded a beautiful, emotive version of the Hurts 2010 festive offering “All I Want For Christmas Is New Years Day.” The nice bit is, he’s letting you snap it up as a FREE DOWNLOAD.

Phew! I am glad Joe decided against going down the obvious route like everyone else. (Of course, I am referring to covering “Last Christmas” and “All I Want For Christmas Is You“.) Found, and put his own spin on a seasonal song with a difference. Which most importantly, has a humble, narrative particularly, relatable to Lostchild’s own self-effacing lyrical style.

“This is the only Christmas song I could possibly cover. The band (Hurts) described it as “about the worst Christmas of our lives, which we’re releasing on the best Christmas of our lives.” This mirrors my own memories of Christmases past, where I would just have shameful and embarrassing memories of the year past, and just pray for a new year and a new start. It’s only these past two years that my prayers finally started to be answered” – Lostchild explains.

The release is a fitting way of rounding out an exciting year for the up-and-coming, singer-songwriter, producer. 2019, highlights include a support slot for 80s pop legend Tiffany, the “Like Like” single and EP releases. Completing his first US tour dates and being featured in British gay lifestyle publication, Attitude Magazine.

Below is the finding ‘your’ face in Attitude Magazine, reaction clip, which Lostchild posted on his Instagram account. Bless. Joe’s rightly chuffed to bits. It gets more adorable, with each time I’ve watched it. So cute.

!Please, please, please! Before you close this page, do not forget to pick up your FREE DOWNLOAD (TIP! – Tap on the ‘more’ tab on this highlighted Soundcloud link to nab it.)

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