The latest Ariana and the Rose release “True Love” is a big deal. Wonderfully immense and uplifting. Heart-bursting and incredibly joyous. The clarity in the track’s message shines really, bright. Love is Love. Let’s celebrate this. I cannot comprehend anything more endearing, can you? Ariana and the Rose, obviously think so too. I am feeling the track also reflects the cross the board appeal of Ariana’s music project, in a broader sense. How the factors of music, style and aesthetics used equally embrace a powerful, inclusive sensibility.

Ariana and the Rose has an expanding repertoire of stunning songs but until present nothing they have created has been on the scale of this bright, connectable anthem. For the accompanying music video, the project has brought together six real-life couples from different walks of life who give glimpses into their respective relationships to share what “true love” means to them.

“Love is contagious, and my hope is that the video inspires someone to go tell the people they love how much they care about them.” Ariana DiLorenzo

It is quite something to observe all of the lovely smiling faces which light up this music video. I can only imagine the warm feeling it is evoking in me right now is of a little similarity to the sense of pleasure a singer/performer on stage, soaks up from an enthusiastic crowd of fans. The payback, acknowledging how much loving mood they have helped to create is a reward which a price really can’t be put on. (Save the cost of an admission ticket.) It really must put pop artists on top of the world.

It is important, in general, that we come together in support of one another more. Be the best versions of ourselves. It really does go some way in improving, the wellbeing of everyone. Living in a small town, in the East of England. As an LGBTQ ally, and in support of the diversity of the community I attended my first Pride parade at the weekend. I sincerely hope this event will now be held on an annual basis. (The Pride parade has been staged on only two previous occasions in my town’s history.) I have never felt such warming kindness and friendship from the Suffolk community where I live. (I have lived here, all my life.) At the end of a hot, sunny Saturday afternoon, we were all people having fun. Listening to local bands. Eating, drinking, socialising, and enjoying the glorious weather. We understood. Love has no gender. I will remember this day forever, every time I hear Ariana and the Rose, “True Love“.

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