I often wish I could wake up one morning back in the year 1988. So much good music and pop videos taking off, it really, was a special kind of time with outstanding energy and vitality sweeping across the decade. Luckily the 1980’s have a legacy and remain a good source of inspiration for present-day artists and musicians. Pop prodigy MNEK is the latest singer who has turned to the decade for inspiration while making the music video for the Hailee Steinfeld featured anthem “Colour.”

The track is an upbeat pop stomper, brandishing the proud message of loving, being in love. With references to rainbows and such like, it’s very bright and joyful lyric-wise as it is in bouncing, rhythm and melody. The tone of the song is very celebratory. As is customary, getting involved with this kind of merrymaking is made all the more joyous if you bust some moves into a spot of happy dancing. MNEK’s body grooving and moving have come on in leaps and bounds throughout the years. And he dances his way around the infectious pop hook of the song he’s written, with confidence and sassiness. On a canvas of whiteness.

The colour themes appear when the singer is joined by actress turned singer Hailee Steinfeld. She’s dressed top to toe is vibrant red and looking hot to trot. MNEK and Hailee’s musical union springs a rainbow of colours on everyone and thing within its path, including MNEK himself. With intermittent flashing images of a clock counting-down to mid-night, we sense the party is nearing an abrupt end. All as far as the eye can see is cloaked in white once more. What is the ending, hinting at? Well, it sure appears to me, the singer looks ready to sing some more. I’m anticipating it means the next music video picks up where this one leaves off. Let’s wait on it and see in due course.

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