There were at least three music releases last week that I was hoping would get me out of my seat and whooping the air at their amazingness. However, I know my optimism where New Music Friday is concerned does not always come through in the way I had hoped. I’m not going to name the two which some way fell short of expectations. Let’s just leave it at MNEK saved the day with soulful bop “Tongue“.

Listening to the song reminds me of what it’s like eating a luxury chocolate, the sweet treat takes a few seconds to begin melting, its gooey, decadent loveliness. Then a sugar rush explosion floods your mouth, and you savour every taste of the blissful mouthful, while not wanting it to end. Even, though MNEK’s vocals are sleek and velvety, the song is a bit of a slow-burn, to begin with, it turns about in an instant when the songs smooth, rhythm breaks into punchy beats and the singer switches from soulfully crooning to, spoken word.

Tongue” embodies the sound of an artist creating and commanding his, own space. I love the funky and offbeat sounds of this song it has just the right amount of quirkiness and sass and feels a bit Bell, Biv, DeVoe. It is this section that bridges the gap between soul and, pop with effortless grace infusing floor-stomper tendencies the power of long forgotten songs. It is easily one of the most memorable refrains of the year thus and a stellar example of what excellent late night club music, is.

I hardly dare to mention it again, what of the much talked about MNEK debut album by all accounts, it’s still happening, and “Tongue” is definitely on it, the singer told The Fader.

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