In their most recent release. With the song “Diamond Life“. Independent singer-songwriter Leo Kalyan has made an inspirational move. This being that they have borrowed the title from Sade‘s successful and much acclaimed debut album. In fact, the new song from Leo is not a cover, as some music fans might have first assumed. Nevertheless, at the same time it is noted that Sade’s style is similar to Leo Kalyan’s. In that both artists use smooth and dreamy ambience. And yet, strangely enough in the song that is written and performed with the prolific pop polymath MNEK. With this track Leo aims to teach self-love and gratitude as a powerful force. And, is where Leo says of, “Diamond Life” is a song that is written about connecting to your inner light & power. About finding the ability to shine from within”.

In noticing the Jade Ang Jackman-directed video, now released in support of “Diamond Life“. It is evident that there is some lovely juxtaposition between the visual elements and lyrical narrative here. Since, according to the song’s message. It tells us we can be wealthy, in life, without accumulating physical possessions or spending on luxury items. Whereas, in contrast. The dazzling video footage flips this idea by and large. So that instead the visual exudes a sense of extreme opulance. The stunning clip shows Leo wearing nothing but sparkling gems. While not forgetting to mention that they are enjoying every bit of luxuriating in them as well.

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And yet, they confirm the songs subject matter as…

“resisting the push & pull of the material world with all of its endless expectations and limits. No amount of success, money or acclaim can substitute for the confidence that comes from realising your own self-worth. The “Diamond Life” truly is inside of you.”

Coming out of a two-year hiatus. The soaring pop anthem “Diamond Life” acts as a reintroduction to the multi-hyphenate Kalyan. In any event. Continues to prove above all. They still have their finger on the pulse at all times. Especially it is most notable that we see this when they are creative while at the same time advocating for the LGBTQ+ community.

First and foremost. Their enthralling new single and video are just a taste of what is to come. Since a long-awaited body of work from Leo Kalyan is slated to arrive early 2023.

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