MNEK_ Zara

The tables have turned on MNEK whereas, we are more readily accustomed to seeing the prodigious music talent actively involved working as part of a collaborative team, it is more usual that MNEK fulfills the guest-spot role.

In the case of his latest release “Never Forget You” though, MNEK is very much to be seen as the brains behind the project, calling upon rising Swedish vocalist Zara Larsson to step in as vocal assist.

What a vocal assist this is from Zara too! The performance falls no way short of being outright exceptional with MNEK himself riding in high on the epicness of which this massive choon lends.

If Zara is seeking to up her UK profile then she’s more than giving it some welly in making a formidable lasting impression on us Brits! As up until now the majority of her original release material has been under restricted measures online. In so much, that our eyes haven’t been allowed to even take a peek at some of what the rest of Europe and the US especially, have been enjoying. Yes I know we could, go on and on some about how so unjust this all is in 2015, but the brilliance of “Never Forget You” usurps our disappointment that we’ve been lagging behind on our Zara Larsson intake.

Working with MNEK certainly seems to have brought the pop star proportions out of Zara that has been hinted at and working towards since she won Sweden’s Got Talent at 10 years old.

Never Forget You” is as phenomenal a house banger that has been produced throughout 2015 and is deserving to go stratospheric. You hear STRAT-OS-PHE-RIC!