If you’ve somehow missed the amazing Kygo and Kim Petras offering “Broken Glass” when I first wrote about it a little over a month ago. You really are in for a treat of even, bigger, magnitude now, that the Griffin Stoddard directed music video has arrived. The track, taken from the DJs latest album “Golden Hour” has been earning the reputation as the highlight from the long-player. I tend to agree, with this thinking, being that the track struck a chord with me upon release. And allows Kim to shine at her absolute best. 

The track is kind of a sad banger when listening to the lyrics. Recounts a failed relationship and the ensuing, messy aftermath. The main message is to remind us to keep on dancing to keep on with moving forward. I will say, this again as I said it before of Kim’s vocals, “her vocals are perfectly peachy ripe. Such sweetness and sadness rolled into one echoing in her voice.” Utterly, stunning.

Kim’s bubblegum persona has well and truly, been left on the shelf, perhaps in a box, but for, definite, a lid has been put on her sunny disposition for the duration of this emotionally charged Kygo release. A mood which we see reflected in the music video. A dystopian landscape features, scattered with burnt-out remnants of the past. Evokes a cold and hostile atmosphere. The style is a complete departure for Kim Petras. However, I absolutely love the styling by Phil Gomez. It is such a hot look for Kim. The press releases notes. The Mad Max-illian video sees Kim channel a post-apocalyptic Baby Spice, complete with white platform shoes. There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind, Kim wears the look and the extremely vibe of “Broken Glass” so well. Watch and listen and then tell me, Kim Petras isn’t the next big, pop sensation. It’s happening!

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