I can’t believe a whole twelve months have passed since pop queen, Kim Petras gifted us her frighteningly satisfying Halloween themed mixtape “Turn Off The Light Vol.1“. The spooky collection helmed by the track “Close Your Eyes” gave us our first listen of a new darker style for the singer. A glimpse into the maturer sound she was brewing up to deliver on her debut album “Clarity.” It is because of Kim Petras, musical mixtape offerings, that I have been looking forward to Halloween more than I have done so ever before. True to her word, she is giving us another thrilling dose of her bloody thirsty beats this year.

We were promised mixtape No 2, but whoop, whoop, Kim in her wisdom has decided to share with us the completed collection of monster cuts instead. Thus meaning, we now have seventeen killer tracks to enjoy (comprising the seven original tracks, with an additional nine, new ones.) New flavours include a series of blood-curdling instrumentals in “Purgatory,” “Bloody Valentine,” “Demons” and “Knives.” While the main focus track of the updated collection falls to the not so scary but nonetheless electrifying offering “There Will Be Blood.” The Halloween inspired soundtrack is primed to the blow cobwebs away, on the current electronic-pop landscape. Because it doesn’t suck like a vampire but does holler with all good treats and there are no nasty tricks in there.

Kim just wrapped the North American and European legs of her first-ever headline tour (“The Broken Tour“.) However, the live party is not yet, over for Kim as she’s headed back over for another North American stint, October through November. As a thank you to her fans, and celebrate an explosive year, every ticket purchased online for the upcoming “The Clarity Tour” will include a digital download of “Turn Off The Light.”

For all live dates and tickets: visit kimpetras.com

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