Ms Kim Petras has turned up as a featured artist on the freshly released Kygo album “Golden Hour” lending her vocals to the track “Broken Glass.” Now, Kygo is a popular choice when it comes to EDM, as the Norwegian, forward-thinking producer and DJ is no stranger to the pop charts. His top tier collaborations with notable pop acts have taken him to these dizzying heights of acclaim. The influential global superstar played a large part in popularizing tropical house and has never looked back. He is the man with the golden fingers, as everything he touches with his music goes meteoric.

Golden Hour” is Kygo’s third album, the Kim Petras collaboration on the track “Broken Glass” is to be found, slap, bang in the middle of the track-list. As can be expected the album release is decked in sun-soaked production. The mood is as mellow and relaxing as the “Golden Hour” title suggests. Although, I really do notice that the pace and vibrancy, kicks up a notch when Kim appears on her sad banger, effort. Her vocals are perfectly peachy ripe. Such sweetness and sadness rolled into one echoing in her voice. The chorus is a beautiful highlight from the album, it is so pretty, tragic, emotive. We are even treated to a little present in that the singer slips in one of her trademark Woo-Ah’s! in for good measure.

The connection that Kim and Kygo have forged over this song feels a very special one. It is like proper music magic occurred during the recording of the song. The instrumentation on its own is staggeringly breathtaking. When Kim chimes in taking charge with her bubblicious vocals, I must confess that within seconds I transcended to the place they call pop heaven. I felt every note, every contour of Kim’s voice. Calling for more superstar collaborations with Kygo, Ms Kim. Thanking you in advance.

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