We have a pop emergency on our hands!

I have to ask, after scoring over 3 billion views on TikTok and close to 200m streams worldwide, is there anyone left who hasn’t heard the phenomenon that is “Jenny” by Studio Killers? The track has taken on a life of its own. While at the same time become an anthem the LGBTQ+ community have taken to their hearts. The track which was first released in 2013 never runs out of steam. Like seasons in fashion, “Jenny” keeps coming back in style (never goes out of fashion,) and every time it reappears, it slaps harder than before. I was not prepared for Kim Petras to take on this megahit. On the latest reincarnation of the track, bubblegum pop queen Kim manages the impossible. Giving the well-loved anthem a bigger, bolder, and supercharged dose of extraness.

“I’m super excited for this release! I loved the song when I heard it on TikTok for the first time,” said Kim. “With the LGBTQ theme in the lyrics, it just made sense, and I had to jump on it right away.”

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Don’t get to thinking this hot “Jenny” remix will be all we are getting from the virtual electro-pop band the Studio Killers this year. I am told the band’s long-awaited return is imminent, and fans around the globe will soon hear the music they’ve been highly anticipating from the group. Similarly, I’ve had word Kim has been in the studio working on new music. YAY! This collaborative Studio Killers release serves as an appetiser for Kim Petras new era. So hold on tight. Super, super, super exciting times lay ahead for pop, and electro-pop, the Studio Killers, and Kim Petras.

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