There’s nothing quite like a Betty Who show to bring all the gays to the yard. This was ever-so evident by the many “yassss” and hoots you can hear in this live footage that we captured at the bangin show for Bangers as sponsored by the tasty little chocolate sticks we all know and love – Twix.

Its no secret, we’re pretty big Betty Who fans. The only issue is that we have NEVER seen her perform live before. So for us, it was a pretty easy decision to attend SXSW this year, knowing that in our version of the legendary new music festival, BETTY WHO would be all caps for us as the headliner on top of the poster.

As you can see from this SXSW live footage we captured too, a Betty Who show is fun and full of frolic. Betty is turning up the sex factor a notch in this go round the valley too. Those moves are fucking fabulous. You actually couldn’t cram any more hits into the 35 minute set either. And can I just say, I actually loved it that there were no instruments. I haven’t seen a good popshow to track in a LONG time. The music speaks for itself and when every other musician on planet Earth is worried about looking cool and relevant by adding lots of bling and sparkly things to their sets, Betty Who is keeping it simple and 100% Betty, belting out the pop hits, one right after another.

Are you living in a “Heartbreak Dream” and needing a bit of “High Society” in your life? Well, Betty Who is brining her Party In The Valley Tour to the UK and EQ Music is sponsoring her ONLY LONDON show for fans on May 17th with fantastic EQ Music faves Avec Sans are on support.

Get your tickets below.

Psst – it’s almost sold out.

We also interviewed Betty at SXSW too, so be on the lookout for that VERY soon.