I have at last received a press release written in English (thank you Steve!) enlightening me more about the new album “Mid:Night” (released today) and tracks “Hula Hoop 8000,” “Mid:Night” and “Back To The Start” which have been released by synth-pop duo Monarchy. This is a great blessing because my Spanish speaking is ever so, rusty these days. I feel it best that there isn’t any need for me to keep trying my utmost to recall phrases for ordering food items and beverages. Which I learned for my GCSE when trying to translate passages of the press I have picked up upon about the band and their new album which have been written in Spanish.

As much as I was able to make out in my previous reviews about the duo’s new material is affirmed by this quote from the press release:

“We got bored of being moody and serious, and wanted to have some fun” says the duo. “In a way, I feel we’ve gone full circle, and we’ve gone back to the sound of our very first track from 2009. Kind of slightly French, synth wave, cruisy, a night track. This album really gets that sound, and I think fine tunes it. I like that it’s super short as well. It’s like a nice moment, that doesn’t overstay its welcome.”

Mid:Night” the album is available to buy NOW!

The above statement fills in the gaps and has helped me feel just a little bit more connected to the duo’s latest chapter in music. If I needed anything more to get me back fully into the Monarchy mood, it is with “Back To The Start“, the new single. The trademark synth stylings we know and love so well are the glue between the old and the new sounds of the band. Nowhere on Monarchy’s latest run of tracks does this soundscape feature as heavily as it does on “Back To The Start.” It’s not hard to detect a tiny sprinkling of StardustMusic Sounds Better With You” has crossed its way over into the melody, and is a pleasant hit of inspiration in-keeping with the band’s familiar, slickly produced synth sound.

Even the supporting music video has a happy vibe to it. Ra and Andrew play the part of teachers who impart knowledge to a young female-being. Who I am led to assume is from another worldly place. The aesthetic of the clip is quirky and stylish. It’s nice to see the duo cutting lose a bit, even so far as giving us a glimpse at their dance moves for once.

If you haven’t yet heard, Monarchy’s “Mid:Night” UK tour kicks off with a London date, 23rd Jan, followed by Nottingham, 24th, Manchester 25th, Glasgow 26th, Newcastle 27th finishing up on the 28th January in Birmingham. (European dates to be announced soon.)

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