You’d believe synth-pop maverns Monarchy if they proclaimed they were spinning around like a record. However, they’ve plumped for a different object to associate emotional dizziness with… a hula hoop. Not the popular, tasty potato snack variety of hula hoopiness that you’ll find in your barginous supermarket meal deals either. The spherical piece of fitness apparatus you can allow your hips to get jiggy with, if you’re clever.

I get the distinct feeling that Andrew and Ra might have been dining on diet of Daft Punk and Jamiroquai recently because there’s definitely some spacey disco vibes crawling out of this track, which I have a mind to really like.

Hula Hoop 8000” can count itself among Monarchy’s most sultry offerings. There’s still that subtle edge of provocative seductiveness that makes it instantly alluring to us. This is all before the lyrics ’hot as fuck’ has travelled down into our psyche through our earlobes. We didn’t need to wait to be told, it was all there in the steamy music.

A shout-out must go to kidmograph for the single artwork. He is best known as, working up art for Kanye, Frank Ocean and Bruno Mars and now this stunning piece of computer animation giffery for retro, visual art connoisseurs Monarchy.