Since Monarchy signed with Warner Music Spain, there have been changes starting to emerge for Andrew and Ra. Whether a conscious decision by the duo or a suggestion spurred on by their new record label. They are no longer hiding behind masks in press photos as has become their trademark look since they broke out on the electronic pop scene in 2010. In truth, I suspect they might have been approaching a point of exhaustion as to dreaming up new objects to sneak up behind. Think of it like this, most people update their wardrobe season by season. Monarchy has embraced this look for eight years which after all is a long time. This curious transformation first began to emerge when the duo released cosmic disco track “Hula Hoop 8000” last year, coming to light once more on “Mid:Night” which followed in March 2018 and have since learned the latter acts as the title track of the pairs soon to be released, new album.

In fact “Mid:Night” the album is coming sooner than you think. It releases on January 18th, 2019. And also if you haven’t yet heard, the “Mid:Night” UK tour kicks off with a London date, 23rd Jan, followed by Nottingham, 24th, Manchester 25th, Glasgow 26th, Newcastle 27th finishing up on the 28th January in Birmingham. (European dates to be announced soon.)

With so much to talk about, let’s not forget the latest track “Deep Cut” which debuted on New Music Friday, directly prior to Christmas. Weighing in a few strokes melodically funkified while being marginally subtle in style. The track is warmed up by an animated bass line and then added to the mix there’s the familiar falsetto reaching vocal chops of Ra. Which are always a win. Though, the lyrics are a little surprising for the duo, as in particular I can’t quite fully warm to the phrase “I just want to dive, dive, dive into the goo of you” seriously. It does feel that the guys are little lost in their choice of words here. Maybe I am alone in my opinion, that it does seem out of character for them. Otherwise, they remain their eloquent selves.

What isn’t up for debate, is that as always the duo has made no compromises with their visual art. The stunning lyric video features artwork by the mighty talented Kidmograph (Kanye, Frank Ocean and Bruno Mars) & Render Fruit. Monarchy’s music style maybe maturing but our ears remain excited as ever to listen to their new offerings from the “Mid:Night” campaign, during the coming months.

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