I promise I will not to keep mentioning the abundance of good pop tracks that are about at the moment. With January out of the way and ever, since. An avalanche of press releases and submissions have continued hitting my inbox hard like a hail of bullets. I am pleased to see, pop in such a good place as it currently is, but why oh why did everyone chose the same week to wake up and release their new singles? Normally, I would have been jumping on Monarchy’s new song “Just Give Me Your Love” quick smart, (you know this.) I am sorry Ra and Andrew’s stellar electronic-pop gem has become a casualty of my mountainous pile of emails.

The sophomore single from the duo’s anticipated fourth album sees Monarchy in a jittery mood. When it is more usual to find them being worldly-wise and extremely level-headed. What is it that has spun them emotionally off-course, where Ra can be heard relentlessly imploring “Just Give Me Your Love“? The track documents the irrational feelings experienced by Ra when spending a night apart from his girlfriend. Suffice to say he really doesn’t seem to like laying next to a cold spot in his bed. It is keeping him awake and triggers his tired mind to drift and become clouded by jealousy and irrational feelings.

Haven’t we all had one of those nights? Oh, dear!

It is not only in the track’s lyrics where we get to feel the agitation of Ra’s jittery mood. The jerky rhythm, bursts of a finger-picked guitar teamed with timely blasts of synths do just as much to convey the restlessness of Ra’s sleep deprivation. Pretty much, it feels like being awake and in a nightmare at the same time for Ra. When brought into life and made into a song, at the hands of Andrew and Ra’s masterful musicality and composition. Modern production sensibilities and danceable grooves take over. Monarchy’s unique style and energy breezes in, while swooping me up invested, in fascination with them once more.

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