I wish I had better news to bring you on a hump day. It is all over for Monarchy. The clock has struck 13 for the indie electro-pop duo of Andrew Amstrong and Ra Black. In an announcement shared online, they said,

“The clocks have struck 13, and we’ve decided to call it a day on Monarchy. There were a lot of different factors that went into the decision, and we’ve decided it’s best to now focus on our own, projects individually. However, as we go our separate ways, we’d like to leave you with our last album. It’s called “SYZYGY” and is out now! We’d like to thank you for all the energy you’ve given back to us over the years. We had a blast.”

They had a magnificent run. EQ Music Blog (Raj and I) is incredibly grateful to them for all the music. Monarchy poured nothing but excellence into their music. They produced albums where I would not find myself tempted to skip over tracks. Their sound was so unmistakable. I will not be sad because of the outstanding legacy they have left. The final album “SYZYGY” included, in that.

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Of the album title “SYZYGY“. It has the appearance of something typed by a cat that has walked over a computer keyboard. It is nonetheless genuinely a word -with meanings associated with astronomy, philosophy and mathematics. The former two being themes Monarchy had used on numerous occasions. The moon and the sun are again heavily represented on the final album, as is love and relationships, which are put under the microscope one last time. You won’t be left disappointed by the album, but likely to feel pangs of nostalgia when reaching the closing track aptly named “Bye Bye“. Musically Monarchy never hit a low point. “SYZYGY” and the singles “Glow Vision” and “Just Give Me Your Love” sees the synth-pop titans bow out on the same high they have maintained throughout their eleven-year run.

Want to know what comes next for Ra and Andrew?

Ra promises new music soon – Follow him HERE

The new solo project from Andrew Armstrong is called Daddy Squad. New music is coming very soon. He is releasing a single on 7th September with Dita Von Teese!

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